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Wendy's First Week

posted Dec 6, 2010, 5:30 AM by Kristin Mastromarino Vander Wiede   [ updated Dec 7, 2010, 7:47 PM ]
As promised Wendy, from has shared her experience testing out my advice from last week.  If you missed her initial dilemma, check out our post "The Un-Martha Stewart column.  Check back in every Monday and Tuesday for updated posts in this new series.

I took Kristin’s (a Professional Organizer and owner of The Organized Lifestyle Store, ideas and ran with them. She suggested I recruit someone else to hold me accountable for three priorities a day. All week I have tried to prioritize and would tell my husband or my workout partner what I was doing for the day. For example yesterday I prioritized finishing a You Tube Video for Nerf Ideas for the holiday and then I was supposed to write this column and get it to Kristen. My third priority was to get my paperwork and bills done. In the end, I was lucky to get past the first priority. What happened?

I ran 10 miles at 9, grocery shopped for dinner at 11, came home and sat in the hot tub for 1/2 hour and then made my way to the shower until 1 when I went to the kitchen and filmed a new You Tube Video on Quick and Nutricious dinners. So you can see my day was nearly over. My kids come home from school at 2 and things stop, so I have from 9 until 2 free. Isn’t that the same as Kindergarden hours?

There seems to be two things going on. I am over-scheduling myself to do things maybe I cannot do and the other is that the things that were really important to me like the long run, I didn’t prioritize. I am also not being realistic about the time needed to do each project.

At the end of the day, I actually did more than most people, however I felt like a loser.
I get into the pattern of “Well I will just__________” and then two hours later, the day is nearly gone.

I have tried timers and a number of other tools but unless you are roping me to the desk, it isn’t happening.

Any suggestions Kristin?

Check back tomorrow for my response!  - Kristin