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Packing Stress

posted Feb 15, 2011, 7:49 AM by Kristin Mastromarino Vander Wiede
Pack? No problem, me wake up at 4  so I can get a jump on it. My husband, the seasoned traveler tells me I have only one small rule, …you can’t pack more than a small  suitcase that can be carried on per person.

Vacations bring on their own set of stressors.

“I have no summer clothes” my teenage daughters tell me.

I like to remind them that we aren’t going to Fashion Week, a bathing suit, couple of pairs of shorts, and a nice outfit for dinner would be ok.

My boys on the other hand would  bring one pair of shorts, one shirt, sleep in their boxers and a toothbrush if I was lucky.

Don’t forget to find someone to stay in the house to take care of the animals. Stop the paper. Call the airlines and double check the flight. Check the liquids in their bags so we don’t get stopped by security. Do they have something to keep them busy on the flight? Go to Apple to see why Ipods aren’t working. Where are the head sets anyway? Suitcases out of the  attic, rental car, resort, activity planning……

I think I need a vacation after all this vacation work.  Any suggestions Kristin?