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Love Yourself On Valentine's Day

posted Feb 7, 2011, 7:16 PM by Kristin Mastromarino Vander Wiede   [ updated Feb 7, 2011, 7:46 PM ]
If you didn't catch yesterday's blog go back and read Wendy's wonderful journey about letting go of the parental activities that can plague Valentine's Day.  While I am not yet a parent, I have certainly observed my friends' working through their first years as parents.  The day that was once a celebration of being a couple or a target date to find a boyfriend by, is now filled with parental obligations, fatigue and kid time.  Some have forgotten how to be a loving couple without their kids.  Others have forgotten that they are allowed to treat themselves to time away from their children.  

You may ask how this relates to organizing.  It is a big deal!  If you get burned out, stop taking time to regroup and never remove yourself from your daily stresses, it is near impossible to be the best you can be in any aspect of your life.  You will feel out of balance. Life will snowball from dealing with clutter on your counters to straining your relationships with those around you.

Before you get completely distracted by baking the cupcakes and hunting for the last minute cards at the drugstore, focus on your own needs and plan some you time on this special day celebrating love. Here are some thoughts:

1. Schedule a Babysitter ahead of time!  Make the day about you and your spouse/partner...away from the kids.  Planning ahead will give you that freedom. If you can't find one for Valentine's Day itself, try to plan something the day before or the day after.  
2. Plan one special event for your kids on the holiday so you don't feel that you have abandoned them selfishly.  If baking cupcakes is your special time together for Valentine's then do it, but don't let the entire day be consumed by your child's activities.
3. Do something special for yourself.  Whether it is buying a new color lipstick, getting dressed up or going to get your nails done, treat yourself to something that is going to make you feel good about yourself.  Most importantly, remember that you are an adult in addition to being a mom.
4. Plan something special with your spouse/partner.  If you both enjoy uninterrupted time doing crossword puzzles together then schedule it for that day.  It doesn't have to be a dinner, or the movies to make it a special date together, just time quality time alone.  Setting boundaries such as not answering cell phones or no television for the night can help you focus on each other rather than the world of distractions that you are used to.

Taking the time to step away from the ordinary this Valentine's and let go of the supermom syndrome for one day might be just the reminder you need to get back to loving yourself, your spouse and being an even better parent to your kids.

Tune in next week for more real-life stories on how to simplify and organize your life from Kristin & Wendy, The Imperfect Perfectionists!

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