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Life With Wendy New Year's Resolutions

posted Jan 10, 2011, 11:22 AM by Kristin Mastromarino Vander Wiede
This column is part of my Imperfect Perfectionist column, which normally runs on Monday and Tuesday unless I eat too much, drink too much, or just don't feel like doing it. I write about a quandary on Monday and Kristin from Livable Solutions who is a professional organizer, answers back on Tuesday. Last week she gave me advice on how to keep my New Year Resolutions. Here is my report, keeping in mind that I am work in progress.
Krisitin, when I read your advice I began writing my list of resolutions as though I were ten years old writing my Christmas List.  When I was done, I had enough resolutions on the paper  to wallpaper the room, never mind post it on the mirror. Your voice came into my head and I immediately reverted back to the Catholic Guilt Syndrome. If I loaded my list with too many things, I would do nothing and then wallow in the familiar feeling of guilt that that enters the room, surrounds my body, and then finds the openings to my pours.
I stopped and began talking out loud to myself (yes I do frequently.) "If you do this to yourself, you'll regret it."
The voice in my head kicked in.
"No Wendy don't listen,  you are capable of at least 20 resolutions. You are a Superwoman who doesn't need sleep, food, or bathroom breaks."
Wavering between the two voices, I decided to prioritize my resolutions,which brought me back to my original list.
  1. Be On Time
  2. Write Book
  3. Save Money
  4. Stop working at 3pm and focus on the kids
  5. Be In Bed Early
  6. Set Boundaries and Live by Them
  7. Become a Spokesperson for a Product I am Passionate About
  8. Monetize My Blog

I have laminated these eight resolutions, and posted them in my Bathroom, car, by my bed,  my office, on the dog (just kidding.)  My reward for doing good: I get one free hour to watch Brothers and Sisters or to read a dopey chick book, guilt free.
So far, I am finding that if I prepare nightly for the next day; look at calendar, get dinner ingredients ready, pack bag for the gym, pack lunches, get breakfast together, and make it into bed for 9pm, I start the following day with flying colors. I wake up at 4:45 to work out and shower, so by the time I get the kids moving, I have had two free hours that were devoted to just me. If I decide to blow off my nightly routine and have a glass of wine, I am done for the next day.
I will keep you posted on the latest Brother's and Sister's because Girl,  I feel strong!