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Clearing the Attic

posted Mar 21, 2011, 8:05 AM by Kristin Mastromarino Vander Wiede

As part of my series "The Perfect Imperfectionist", where my new definition of perfection is imperfection,   I am reaching out to professional organizer Kristin Mastromarino to help me put things in order. Today I would like some tips on cleaning the attic. She can be reached at
How many  people that you know say they love the outside of  an  oreo cookie ? It is part of our culture. You have to eat the cookie before you enjoy the middle. It is like spring cleaning the house.  Who decides to Spring clean and then runs to the attic to clean it first? It is inevitable, it has to be done so why not do it first? Sounds good on paper but in reality cleaning the attic is painful.
As March rolls into April, then to May and June in my case,  the warmer it gets the easier it is not to do it. I find myself justifying my behavior.
"Honey I can't do it. What kind of civilized person cleans the attic in the heat?"
Last year I made a You Tube on Cleaning the Attic www........and I was shocked to receive over 5,000 hits in under week. The key was the title "How To Motivate Your Kids to Clean the Attic." Kristen, help give us some tips to get us started. I don't understand why it gets so hard to clean the attic and the basement. It's the cookie all over again. There is no avoiding the chocolate when all you want is to get to the middle. All our pleasures come at a cost.